End to End Supply Chain

End to End
Supply Chain

Our end-to-end supply chain practice works closely with our clients to optimize the flow of goods from suppliers to customers. Our in-depth experience and knowledge cover all aspects of the supply chain and guarantee significant improvements for our clients in terms of service levels improvement, inventories optimization and operating costs reductions.

Why is it important?

Supply Change Management is becoming increasingly relevant for companies due to:

  • Pressure to reduce working capital levels
  • Customer demand for shorter lead times & better delivery rate reliability
  • Market shifts from regional to global
  • Increase of focus on omni-channel
  • Increase of outsourcing of production & logistics
  • Climate change and “Green SCM” requirements

…especially in the current financial crisis:

  • Increasing cost of capital
  • High volatility of demand & raw material prices


What makes a good supply chain?

    • Cost efficiency: Cost efficient service delivery
    • Availability: Ensuring customer needs are met at all times
    • Speed: Minimize end-to-end lead time
      Maximize responsiveness to customer change

Our extensive experience and know how covers all aspects

…and guarantees significant service levels, inventories and operating cost improvements for our clients.

Performance Measures

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