Strategic Transformation

Strategic Transformation

In today’s rapidly changing economic and business environment, the traditional sources of competitive advantage such as market position, scale and established brands are diminishing and existing business models are becoming obsolete. This ultimately leads to industry volatility, resulting in the phenomenon of dominant players overtaken by more disruptive companies with innovative business models.
This trend can be clearly observed in the retail industry, where Amazon emerges as the undisputed winner in the US Retail universe, leaving brick-and-mortar retailers to feel the heat. The market capitalization of Amazon, surpasses the combined market value of the six largest traditional retailers combined, including Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Best Buy. This however was not always the case. Just ten years ago, the same six retailers had a combined market value, 20 times higher than Amazon’s market cap.

For your company to continue compete effectively, business as usual with incremental improvements alone will not suffice; you need to transform. A transformation is a significant change in strategy, business model, organization, people and processes. It is not an incremental change, but a radical re-design of your business, enabling achievement of a sustainable step-change improvement in performance and shareholder value.

Unlike ongoing, continuous improvement, strategic transformation requires a series of much larger, interdependent initiatives that are supported by top management. We have engaged in this type of transformation programs on an international scale both as line managers and management consultants and achieved significant impact through cost cutting, revenue expansion, organization and business process improvements.

Our differentiating advantage as consultants is that we have been in your shoes and know what it needs to lead transformation change in a rapidly evolving environment.

Our collective experience of over 50 years in NYSE listed companies and big four management consulting organizations, has enabled us to design a methodology that helps you become leaner, more efficient, stronger and at the same time free up significant resources to be invested in marketing, innovation and digitization aimed to fuel business growth.

Our proven strategic transformation methodology connects choices about holistic cost management, key differentiating capacities development, organization design and evolution while revisiting the content of your business strategy.

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