Business Training

Business Training

Our leadership development courses enable you to learn how to lead under pressure, champion change, build teams, and develop talent throughout your organization.
Our executive education approach is geared to facilitate, educate and guide, provide tools and processes. We focus on transferring knowledge to your staff combining theory and practice, using examples, exercises and case studies from a wide variety of sources. The programs are entirely interactive and call for active involvement of your personnel.
The material is tailored to better fit the client’s organizational challenges and opportunities.  We have found that this collaborative style is most effective in reaching conclusions and achieving recommendations that can be immediately implemented.

How Will your Organization Benefit?

Going far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories, each section provides applicable lessons that can be implemented successfully within your organization. Participants will acquire a fresh perspective on today’s business from a curriculum that incorporates the latest thinking in business literature and practice.

Training Courses

  • This segment aims to offer project managers the mindset and necessary tools to successfully lead medium and largescale projects. Among other things, participants will gain tips for establishing effective networks and maximizing the value of key stakeholders. Topics include:

    • Process of Analyzing key stakeholders
    • Obstacles to establishing effective networks
    • The importance of designing and communicating project plans
    • The importance and art of managing up and down
    • Constructive approaches to managing the politics of change.
  • The course examines the distinctive characteristics leaders must develop to succeed and model leadership within their organizations. By viewing leadership as an ambition toward making a difference, participants will learn to lead with vision, effect significant change and unleash leadership potential throughout the organization.
    Through a carefully constructed series of leadership training sessions that blend lectures, case studies, videos, group and individual exercises, trainees will balance thought-provoking debate and analysis with self-reflection and personal development. The teaching team creates a learning environment that is invigorating, demanding, and enjoyable.
    Case studies are used to be inspired by leaders in action, explore cross-functional differences and study the strengths and weaknesses of versatile leadership approaches. Topics include:

    • The distinction between leadership and management
    • Pros and cons of different leadership styles
    • Managing and leading in an international setting
    • The challenges and process of successfully leading major change initiatives.
  • The ability to create a strong team is a hallmark of an effective leader. As his/her responsibility grows, the challenge shifts from building productive teams of individual contributors to building effective leadership teams. Participants will explore diverse topics that facilitate assess to their capabilities as a team leader, including:

    • The factors that enable them to build productive cross-functional teams
    • How to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their teams
    • The reality of team life—the good, the bad, and the paradoxical
    • Leading diverse teams—getting the most value from differences
    • Maximizing creativity within groups

    Focusing on the challenges of managing performance and on the role of the leader as architect and coach, we examine the strategic management of talent and the ways in which key decisions affect organizational capability, execution, and innovation.

  • In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, maintaining a leadership position requires careful crafting and skilled implementation of an enterprise-wide competitive and corporate strategy. Using examples of both successful and failed strategic decisions, we explore how an organization can recognize opportunities, organize, and implement for strategic success.
    Key take-aways
    The session will provide you with the tools to forecast industry evolution, recognize potential market position risks and formulate your individual corporate roadmap for sustainable competitive advantage. Through targeted workshops, your team will discuss ways to win with key customers, as well as the optimum activities essential to expand to International markets.

All training courses may be funded by LAEK.

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